Silenus Ong Runs for City Council, Suggests a Pro-Business Approach

Silenus Ong

Silenus Ong

The Temple City Voice is featuring a series of interviews with those running for City Council. This is the second interview we have planned for the March 2009 election.


Like the rest of the nation, the city of Temple City is feeling the effects of the recession. Shops on Las Tunas Drive are closing and larger cities like Arcadia are starting to take over.

Political newcomer Silenus Ong, a support of growth and business, hopes to change the downturn of events if he is elected to the City Council in March.

Since 1978, Ong has run a small business. He has been a contract licenser, a redevelopment consultant and representative on many occasions.

“Temple City is like a corporation,” says city council hopeful Silenus Ong, “and if the city is not on the right track, things will fall apart.”

In 2007, Ong sat as a volunteer on the Planning Commission’s Commercial Task Force subcommittee.

If chosen to represent Temple City, he proposes a twenty-year plan to help the city grow in order to have a promising future.

Ong also wants a more transparent City Council with more elected positions.

His strongest belief is that Temple City must be more pro-business. Ong believes the local businesses will help Temple City grow and flourish. He also wants the city to become more resistant to the pressure of larger cities like Arcadia.

“We cannot keep our heads in the sand, “adds Ong.


This article was written by Chris Du. It was published in the Temple City Voice on January 23, 2009.


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