Gillanders Seeks Re-Election, Pledges to Boost Local Economy

Ken Gillanders

Photo Courtesy of City of Temple City

The Temple City Voice is featuring a series of interviews with those running for City Council. This is the first interview we have planned for the March 2009 election.

Advocating frugality, prudence, and pragmatism, current Councilman Ken Gillanders plans to take his experience as he runs for a second four-year term in March 2009.

As a resident of Temple City for fifty-four years, Gillanders has always envisioned the city as a cozy, small town. He has worked as both a police officer and a Farmer’s Insurance executive, citing managerial familiarity.

In addition to his work experience, Gillanders brings to the plate thirty years of City Council service and plans to continue his vision of a tranquil town if re-elected.

His plan, to promote frugality.

“Instead of always trying to extend ways to make money, we like to watch our money,” says Gillanders.

Under his tenure on the Council, Gillanders remarks that city funds have risen to $36 million. He plans to preserve the town’s economic keepsake by continuing to oppose any utility and/or other city tax.

Still, Gillanders supports expenditures to re-energize the Temple City business community, primarily Las Tunas Drive. He cites inadequate parking, gross rents, and clumps of non-retail and offices as detrimental to the local economy.

Temple City will always be his “hometown city.” While Temple City may be emerging from its cocoon, Gillanders jokes, “We have lots of people with lots of ideas coming in. And we old-timers just laugh about it.”


This interview was conducted by Randy Shun. It was published in the Temple City Voice on January 16, 2009.


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