City Council Candidates’ Forum Planned

As the March City Council election looms closer, Temple City residents will receive a chance to address key concerns, fears, and hopes for the city’s future.

The Temple City High School Junior State of America (JSA) and the Temple City Voice (TCV) will co-sponsor a City Council candidates’ forum in January. The JSA is a student-run organization geared toward motivating political participation among youth.

This will not be the first time both civic organizations have worked together. In September 2007, both the JSA and the Voice co-sponsored a School Board candidates’ forum.

“The goal,” says JSA president Evelyn Kessler, “is to expand community participation to all age groups while providing an opportunity to directly confront officials who will be leading the Temple City region.”

Similarly, the Temple City Voice staff envisions the forum to be both beneficial to the young and old. “While adults can address the speakers,” says Assistant Editor-In-Chief Melanie Thi, “students can experience participating in a city function, preparing them to be voters in their own cities in the future.”

The forum will take place on Saturday, January 31, 2008.


This article was written by Randy Shun. It was published in the Temple City Voice on January 9, 2008.


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