Mayor Seeks Changes to Business Moratorium

There may be another change to the City Council imposed business moratorium, if City legislators approve a new proposed amendment.

On Tuesday, September 2, Mayor Cathé Wilson asked the Council to consider shrinking the moratorium area. Currently, the moratorium is in effect for properties located on Las Tunas Drive between Rowland Avenue and Sultana Avenue.

Councilman Ken Gillanders, who originated the ban on non-sales tax businesses in February, suggested limiting the scope from Kauffman Avenue to Oak Avenue. Wilson agreed.
Councilwoman Judy Wong recommended amending the moratorium to affect properties from Kauffman Avenue to Sultana Avenue.

In April 2008, the City Council voted to adopt a controversial ordinance banning non-sales tax producing businesses from moving into town. Under city law, all businesses must provide 50% of sales tax of its business services in order to obtain a business license. Existing businesses were not affected by it.

While the moratorium was only expected to last for 90 days, the City Council voted to extend it for another 10 ½ months in May.

As business owners rallied against the moratorium, support for the city ordinance languished. In July, the Planning Commission recommended two exemptions to the moratorium and the City Council voted to approve them in August.

Councilman Fernando Vizcarra was absent. Vizcarra voted against the moratorium twice.

With likely support for amending the moratorium, the City Council asked City Manager and City Attorney Charles R. Martin to prepare an ordinance for the next agenda to amend the boundaries of the ban on non-retail businesses.


This article was written by Vincent Wei. It will be published in the Temple City Voice on January 7, 2009.


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