City Clerk: Six Candidates Confirmed for Election

The filing period for city council nomination is now closed. Six individuals, including the two current city council incumbents, have expressed interest in claiming two council positions in the March 2009 election.

The main legislative body of Temple City, the City Council passes judgment on financial, zoning, housing, communications, and regional development matters.

Running for reelection, incumbent Ken Gillanders, an opponent of excessive hotel development and critic of the halted Piazza project, will attempt to reclaim his seat. Gillanders has consistently voted against projects deemed “profligate”, such as utilizing a student recreational task force.

Mayor Cathé Wilson also plans to gain a seat in the Spring election. A councilmember for sixteen years, Wilson combines frugality and cordiality to maintain both efficiency and harmony within the city infrastructure. Also as a Temple City resident for forty years, she draws upon previous knowledge, citing an economic downturn and education as key matters for the community.

Planning Commissioner Vincent Yu is also vying for the council positions. The Planning Commission deals with structural and physical regulations of the city, often acting as the “behind-the-scenes” task force for the city.

Parks and Recreations commissioner Tom Chavez has also pulled papers. He oversees the general status and maintenance of Temple City’s parks and activities.

Chuck Souder, a former city councilmember, will also run.

Silenus Ong, a political newcomer is also vying for seat.

The election will be held in March 2009.


This article was written by Randy Shun. It was published in the December 17, 2008 issue of the Temple City Voice.


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