Breakfast at Denny’s: Council and County Supervisor Meet

The City Council and Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich met at the Denny’s restaurant on Thursday, August 28, 2008.

Mayor Cathé Wilson started the meeting on a warm note, by thanking Supervisor Antonovich and the County for a $46,000 grant. The grant is for a outdoor fitness course at Live Oak Park.

Several topics were discussed, including reconstruction of the City sewage system and improving Rosemead Boulevard. A controversial topic regarding the Las Tunas Redevelopment Project was touched, but no immediate solution was proposed.

The Temple City public library was also on the agenda. A discussion about upgrading the county-owned facility involved a potential computer center annex, as well as expansion and renovation.

One councilmember noted the library was “old and outdated” and contained “furniture from the [1960s].”

Councilmember Judy Wong inquired about an expansion of the library, but County Librarian noted there would be problems in adding a story on top of the current building. Todd also stated it was cheaper to demolish the building and construct a new facility.

Because renovation of the county library would be costly, the City solicited the County for assistance regarding the matter.

The meeting lasted for about an hour. Councilmembers Ken Gillanders and Dave Capra were not present.


This article was written by Sophia Chang. It was published in the Temple City Voice on December 17, 2008.


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