Bright Lights “Light” Up Temple City

While the sun went down and began its wintry, earlier-than-usual descent, hundreds of people from surrounding cities gathered on Sunday, December 7 for the annual event, Lights on Temple City.

The atmosphere was strongly child-friendly – the average height of attendees being below 4 feet – but parents and others of all ages found enjoyment in the array of activities as well.

From a colorful variety of homemade jewelry stands and booths selling baby clothes to two men keeping up a constant, somewhat comedic banter throughout the early part of the evening, entertainment was on all sides.

A mini-train snaked around the library parking lot, causing thrilled shrieks from its small occupants. And, as a true nod to the typical, “California Christmas,” children and their parents enjoyed the pleasure of a fake-snowball fight in the 60-degree dusk.

The light faded nearly perfectly in sync with the lighting-up of the park’s gazebo; the stage to Temple City High School’s Brighter Side.

Though the clouds opened and the slightest of raindrops fell, the cheery group still performed several “feel-good” tunes, kindling a spirit of merry cheer from the surrounding crowd.

Lights On Temple City gave a fun excuse to the community to start Holiday-ing a couple weeks early, and share some good times – and fake snow.


This article was written by Katie Brown. It was published in the Temple City Voice on December 10, 2008.


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