Temple City High School’s Shot at Fame

Written by SOPHIA CHANG / Published December 3, 2009

The talent show at the gym of Temple City High School on the night of November 21, was a phenomenal performance that showcased the abilities of Temple City’s rising stars.

Giving the opening performance, Tianyi Cheng, clad in a formal suit, began with a classic piano piece.

Following, Amber Willard’s song was the first vocal performance of the night. With her remarkably high voice and shimmering black dress, she set a tough precedent for the other vocals follow with her heavenly tune “Angel”.

When Amber first appeared, she was seated gracefully on a stool in center stage, but when the tune picked up beat after the first chorus, she arose and paced around the stage, elevating with the music.

The next singer, however, did not let the first success overpower her performance, and gave an equally passionate one. Ariana Barret first appeared before the audience as a dark silhouette amidst a turquoise backdrop; then she took the spotlight.

The petite girl, clad in jeans, had hardly begun her song when she hesitated. “I’m sorry,” she apologized for her balk, but the audience was already won over and encouraged her to go on. Then the audience witnessed a transformation from timidity to bursting confidence. “Say yes I will, yes I can, ‘cause I am a Superwoman.” A strong, resonating voice carried these verses throughout the entire gym.

Water polo player/composer Jeffery Bassette then brought to us a riveting piano performance dedicated to the senior class of ’09 and his fellow water polo teammates. “I was clueless about what I would be performing only 48 hours ago,” he admitted to the audience.

According to his onstage confession, the reality was that his water polo season was over, high school life was nearing its end, and his nostalgia and strong bond with his friends inspired him to compose his song.

The show then took a sharp turn in its ambience-Andi Lu and Brooke took center stage with a hip hop dance with songs from various popular artists. Their moves were snappy and clear, and completely unhesitant, and their countenances and wardrobe, consisting of matching tutus and mini vests, displayed the same confidence.

Nick Der then appeared in his bright red cardigan, and seated himself at the piano. He took the room with his very first chord, struck with a theatrical tango head-twist to the right. His movements were fluid and dynamic; he put as much emotion into his piece as possible. The performance concluded with yet another tango head-twist amidst roaring applause.

Act Two began with Hannah Mousa singing the classic “Over the Rainbow”, a song written just for soft, lyrical voices like hers. A rainbow illuminated the backdrop as she sung, and the entire room was cast under a spell. Her simple blouse and jeans only added to the relaxing effect her song had on the audience.

Christian Goin and Elizabeth Hawkins, then performed “Hear you me” by Jimmy Eat World. The pair’s voices were in sync throughout the slow song, and although they started out nervously, having each other on stage seemed to quell their nervousness by the second chorus.

There was then a “surprise performance” from Sarah Lazatin. A petite figure, she startled the audience with her undeniably strong voice that rivaled that of the original singer, Beyonce, as she encouraged the audience to “stand up for love”. At no point did her charismatic demeanor falter, at no point did she allow any self-doubt to tarnish her performance.

Hannah Hoague then lugged a weighty accordion onstage to perform the classic Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin. While one hand played out the main chords of the piano, her other hand pulled and tugged, commanding the symphony of an entire orchestra.

It was amazing how one girl could summon the same amount of intensity that an orchestra could, and although her fingers stumbled a few times, she would always glance up and smile, regain her composure, and continue on her way.

The talent show ended with another hip hop performance by Cassie Yang, Joanna Amores, and Katie Nguyen. Their dance consisted of a hip hop mix with several songs used in previous cheer performances. Chairs were even used as props for a brief chest-popping move.

Concluding the eleven performances, the first, second, and third place winners were announced. First went to Sarah Lazatin, second to Nick Der, and third to Hannah Hoague. The talent show definitely provided each performer with their “shot at fame.”


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