City Debates Options for Alpha-Beta Property

The property on the corner of Woodruff Avenue and Temple City Boulevard, also known as the Alpha-Beta property, has been vacant for years.

On Tuesday, August 19, 2008, Temple City Community Development and Housing Authority (CDHA) Chairman Cathé Wilson opened discussed over the Alpha-Beta lot. Authority members also debated over how the City could resolve the problem.

The City Council, also members of the CDHA, has attempted to encourage the owners of the Alpha-Beta property to develop or have the City develop the land.

In April 2008, property owners Karena Chang Sujo and Mike Huang stated they were considering developing a mixed-use project. Other options mentioned then included developing the project for senior, low-income homes, a commercial shopping center (mini-mall), or a five to six story hotel.

During discussion, Authority member Ken Gillanders noted the problem was that the City owned a block of residential property and the owners would want to acquire it and re-zone the land.

Authority member Fernando Vizcarra stated he felt the owners were open to suggestions. His comment was concurred by Authority member Judy Wong.

Chairman Wilson noted she did not want to sell the City property and lose the public parking lot for development.

The Community Development and Housing Authority ultimately directed Joe Lambert, Community Development Manager, to contact the owners and begin new discussion.


This article was written by Matthew Wong. It was published in the Temple City Voice on December 3, 2008.


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