Roof Repair to Become Priority Despite Financial Setbacks

The roofs on many Temple City Unified School District buildings are in tremendous disrepair, but the School Board must simultaneously address a different type of ceiling: the limits placed on California’s education budget.

“These roofs are in desperate need of replacement,” warned Dale Shaffer, Director of Maintenance and Operations, “and are at the end of their serviceability.”

In fact, existing roofs–especially those at La Rosa Elementary, Cloverly Elementary, and Temple City High, where the problems are most severe–have accumulated eighteen to twenty years worth of damage. Age and a poor flat design have created conditions such as excessive ponding in even light rain conditions, similar to those seen in the area last week.

Tremco roofing is a prime candidate to replace the current dilapidated coverings. The Tremco products are known to be durable and energy-efficient, providing excellent heat insulation.

“Roofing must be a major focal point for our ‘Facility Master Plan’,” stressed School Board Clerk, Matt Smith, adding, “It looks like just over $600,000 total.”

Unfortunately, funding for such a necessary project is difficult to come by, especially as California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proposes a spending cut ranging from $2 billion to over $4 billion to public funding in California. This figure would translate into a minimum of a $1.8 million dollar reduction in education funds available for the Temple City Unified School District.

Nonetheless, the school board believes that it is feasible to begin replacing and repairing school roofs, starting with Cloverly Elementary, by as early as this winter break. In spite of economic difficulties, the roofing situation and the safety of our children will continue to be one of the district’s top priorities.


This article was written by Jason Wu. It was published in the Temple City Voice on November 19, 2008.


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