Uncertainty Looms over County Measure R

Measure R, a county measure on the November 4th ballot, is passing by a slim margin. The results are still unofficial because of the number of absentee and provisional ballots that have yet to be counted. Campaign officials are optimistic and expect the measure will pass.

As of Friday, November 14, it was passing by a 67.3% to 32.7%. Measure R requires 2/3rd of voter’s support in order to succeed.

According to the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC), each person would pay an average of $25 each year. It was projected that over 200,000 new jobs would be created.

Measure R is a sales tax increase expected to provide local resources to finance new transportation project. The measure would impose a sales tax increase of half a cent in Los Angeles County, raising the sales tax rate from 8.25% to 8.75%.

Projects of Measure R, however, are far from being taken into action. The year 2013 is when there is an anticipated improvement in current services for students and the disabled. The Expo line that extends from Culver City to Santa Monica and the Gold line from Pasadena to Azusa are expected to be early priorities of the development. Furthermore, a new bus way or light-rail line will be built in Crenshaw district in Los Angeles.

If Measure R does pass City of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s project, the “Subway to the Sea”, could begin. The subterranean route is predicted to run along the Wilshire corridor.

Los Angeles County residents should not see a reduction of traffic in the near future because the effects of Measure R will not reap immediate benefits until the development of the proposed projects.

There are still approximately 84,500 absentee ballots and 220,700 provisional ballots left to be counted and processed, according to a representative for the Los Angeles County Registrar’s office. Results are expected to go before the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors on December 2.


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This article was written by Melanie Thi. It was published in the Temple City Voice on November 19, 2008.


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