Opinion: I Bid in for Biden

I was very unimpressed with the performance of John McCain and Barack Obama at the second presidential debate on Tuesday.

Both of them were incredibly rude to the moderator. They kept on interrupting each other and going over the time limit.

I don’t know about you, but something I look for in a leader in self-control. I felt like both candidates should’ve behaved with more grace and dignity. Neither one stated their argument in a particularly interesting way and I found myself dozing off halfway through the debate.

The vice-presidential debate, on the other hand, was much more interesting. Joe Biden and Sarah Palin both defended their positions well. Their performances defied what analysts expected.

Palin held her ground and was not completely lost and Biden did not overly shove his experience and authority on the viewers.

Palin seemed very knowledgeable when it came to domestic affairs and energy issues, but lost her footing when asked about homeland security and foreign policy.

I was especially impressed by the way Biden conducted himself. I expected him to jump at Palin’s throat and destroy her with his thirty-five years of experience. However, he never directly attacked her because he probably feared people calling him sexist. Biden, instead, directed all his accusations towards Palin’s running mate McCain and took in all her insults with a smile.

Something that I found impressive with Biden that seemed to be missing in the other candidates was poise and a diplomatic attitude.

I liked the way he carried himself and the collected way he defended his beliefs. He proved to be an experienced, compassionate, and capable candidate. Sometimes, unspoken messages sound louder than all the statistics, facts, and anecdotes a candidate can spout at an audience.


This opinion was written by Christine Keung. The views of this author do no represent the views of the Temple City Voice or its staff. It was published in the Temple City Voice on October 15, 2008.


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