Catching Up with Former Art Manager Lu Chen

The Temple City Voice is featuring a series of interviews with former volunteer staff. This is the second of our “Catching Up with Former Staff” series.

The Temple City Voice recently interviewed former Art Manager Lu Chen via telephone. Chen, a former staff member of the Temple City Voice, reflected over her college life and experiences with the Voice.

Chen is currently a second-year student at the University of California, Riverside (UCR). She plans to major in business. Chen is also involved with Sigma Alpha Lambda, an Honors Society organization on campus that promotes volunteer work.

Chen stated that the Temple City Voice has taught her many concepts which helped her in college. “I definitely learned cooperation and that group work is very important” said Chen.

While pursuing a bachelor’s degree from UCR, Chen dreams of studying abroad in Shanghai, China. She also plans to pursue higher education by going to graduate school after college. Chen mentioned that she would love to come back to help the Temple City Voice.

“I like to… spend time with my family” com-mented Chen when she is at home and not Riverside. Chen added she liked walking along Las Tunas Boulevard to visit the shops and urged the Voice “to get Temple City more involved [with the businesses].”

“All of the shop owners…want more people to come in” she stated.

With her final closing remarks, Chen imparted some words of wisdom about college to the current and future members of the Temple City Voice.

“My advice is to be as active as possible in college” said Chen. “I was inactive during my first year in college, but I started to become more active during my second year…and it has just been so much better.”


This article was written by Aiden Leong. It was published in the Temple City Voice on October 1, 2008.


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