Public Welcome Reception Held For Superintendent Kang-Smith

The new Superintendent Dr. Chelsea Kang-Smith was formally welcomed at a reception held at the District Office. On Wednesday, August 13, 2008, the Temple City Unified School District (TCUSD) invited community members the opportunity to know the TCUSD superintendent. Snacks and other refreshments were provided.

“I feel not only welcomed, but right at home, and a part of a wonderful family,” Kang-Smith said. “There’s a great connection between Temple City and the surrounding cities. People should take pride in this wonderful city because I love it already.”

Those in attendance included teachers from Temple City schools around the district, former and current members of the Board of Education, and residents of Temple City.

Mary Saxon, president of the Temple City Council Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), mentioned how likeable Dr. Kang-Smith is. “She is a ‘healthy’ addition to the city by bringing unity to the city- full of great and fresh ideas,” said Saxon. “I know that she will be a strong advocate for the students and children.”

“She comes from a good background, a good history,” commented School Board Member and Clerk Matt Smith. “I know that she’ll focus on what needs to be done in the [district].”

When asked about what she enjoys most about Temple City, Dr. Kang-Smith, a friendly and pleasant individual, talked about the open community activities.

“Living is not only about education” said Kang-Smith. “Don’t forget to have fun.”

Formerly an area Superintendent from the San Diego Unified School District, Dr. Kang-Smith became the seventh Superintendent of the TCUSD. She succeeded Dr. Joan Hillard, who left the District in June.

The new Superintendent was one of eleven applicants who underwent an intense application and interview process. The School Board voted 4-1 to confirm her in July 2008.

Dr. Kang-Smith began her term as Superintendent on Friday, August 1, 2008 and has signed a three-year contract with the TCUSD.


This article was written by incoming Editor-in-Chief Jessilyn Chwa. It was published today, August 27, 2008, in the Temple City Voice.


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