New Superintendent Welcomed at Her First Board Meeting

After engaging in numerous community events over the past two weeks, Dr. Chelsea Kang-Smith attended her first open school board meeting on August 13.

The new superintendent said that “it’s been such a warm welcome that I’ve received over the past week.” Kang-Smith, whose tenure began on August 1, has been accompanied to several events by many Temple City residents.

The Temple City Court, consisting of high school students Britney Cummings, Anna Li, and Kyla Sickles, was one of these groups who greeted Dr. Kang-Smith to a kind reception and were present at the superintendent’s first board meeting.

One of the top priorities on Kang-Smith’s agenda is to organize a Superintendent Workshop between the City Council and the School Board. This move once again reinforces her reputation as a unifier. This is especially critical in Temple City, where a lack of coordination between the City Council and the School Board has always been somewhat of an issue.

School Board Clerk, Matt Smith, stressed the importance of this conference due to the fact that this will be the first official meeting between the two groups “since about seven or eight years ago”.

Under Dr. Kang-Smith, the City Council and the School Board hope to improve their organization and cohesion in future years.


This article was written by Jason Wu. It was published in the Temple City Voice on August 20, 2008.


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