Catching Up With Former Staff Writer Edward Sun

The Temple City Voice is featuring a series of interviews with former volunteer staff. This is the first of our “Catching Up with Former Staff” series.

As one of the first writers who helped build the foundation of Temple City Voice, Edward Sun reflects upon his experience as a former member and how it has affected his life after high school and possibly more.

Sun, who currently attends the University of Redlands as a Government and Economics major, wrote under the alias of Herr Lichtunddunkel last year as a senior of Temple City High School.

Since then, he has participated in many activities and organizations at Redlands. Not only does Sun participate in ballroom dancing and parkour, a type of running sport, he is also a member of the Alpha Thi Beta, a non-alcoholic and co-education fraternity.

“We focus on community service for campus, city, or national events,” commented Sun. “We also help out with general things around city like serve dinner for the salvation army whenever they need extra volunteers.”

Sun planned to be part of a newspaper in college, but after writing so much in the Voice for one year, had decided otherwise. However, despite the pressure he felt from meeting article deadlines and always reporting on scene, Sun still believes that the Voice had a positive impact on him.

“[The Temple City Voice] has helped train me to know what and how to write,” said Sun. “It’s taught me to appreciate things and being in a newspaper, you see things that a lot of people don’t know about.”

Even though Sun is proud to have been part of the Voice, he was also relieved when all the pressure he felt disappeared as he left for Redlands.

“I’m glad that I have some time to relax, even if it’s just lounging around. It’s a nice difference from always being at events, always being around,” stated Sun. “But I’m a little sad at not being privy to that world, not seeing how that part of the world works anymore.”

With his final closing remarks, Sun gives some words of advice for the current and future members of the Voice.

“Doing things early and on time takes a lot of pressure off your back. I still have trouble on that but I think it’s gotten better partially because of the Voice and college,” said Sun. “People do rely on you, and if people rely on you, you can’t let them down.”


This article was written by outgoing Editor-in-Chief Margaret Thi. It was published in the Temple City Voice on August 13, 2008.


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