Chwa Assumes Assistant Editor-in-Chief Position

As the Temple City Voice celebrates its second year anniversary issue today, the Voice welcomes the start of the 2008-2009 term along with changes within the organization.

Matthew Wong, a graduate of Temple City High School (TCHS) who currently attends University of California, Davis, decided to create the Temple City Voice in July 2006. His goal was to have the community be aware about their surroundings.

Since the Voice was created, its staff has developed in numbers as well as in ability.

“In addition to a larger and more energetic staff, the Temple City Voice has increasingly been recognized as an official news publication for the city of Temple City,” said Wong. “With every year that passes, we have grown stronger and I am confident this trend will continue.”

A new Assistant Editor-in-Chief was chosen to lead this year’s Temple City Voice in late June. Jessilyn Chwa, an incoming junior at TCHS, will take over the Assistant Editor-in-Chief position which was occupied by Angie Yeh, a former TCHS student.

“As the Assistant Editor-in-Chief this past year, I’ve learned that it takes a lot of work,” said Yeh. “I will definitely miss the tasks that involved communicating with the members of Temple City Voice.”

This year’s current editor-in-chief, Margaret Thi, who will attend University of California, San Diego in the fall, chose Chwa as the Assistant Editor-in-Chief for many different reasons.

“Not only is she an experienced writer, she is also a very dedicated and active member,” said Thi. “She is the type of person who always takes initiative, which is a valuable characteristic that made her stand out from others.”

Chwa hopes that the Temple City Voice will gradually improve and help heighten community awareness. Chwa already holds expectations among the crew and its readers.

“This year, I hope that the TCV will grow and mature among its writers,” said Chwa. “I hope that more people within Temple City will pick up our newspaper and see something different that’s not in others.”

After more training, Chwa will be promoted to become the Editor-in-Chief.

The Temple City Voice overall has made many improvements from its humble beginning and will continue to gain recognition throughout the community.

“Everyday we learn something new from our experiences and previous mistakes, so this year will certainly be an improvement from last year,” said Thi.


This article was written by Melanie Thi. It was published in the Temple City Voice on July 23, 2008.


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