Child Obesity Tips the Scale

It is getting harder to make healthy choices, especially during the summer when it is so easy to lie around all day munching on something or to visit a fast food restaurant every few days. Current statistics show that 32% of the kids in America are obese, and 90% of those kids have a risk factor for heart disease. It is becoming a serious problem, not only in America, but all over the world as obesity rates increase.

The situation does not get better if children are at school. Kids are not going to choose the plain, dry salad over a warm and salty pizza with greasy pepperoni. Add on to that with an orange soda, a bag of hot Cheetos, and in thirty minutes they will have consumed about 1,000 calories, which I doubt that it is possible to burn those calories by just sitting in front of the computer or the television.

Kids spend an average of three hours a day in front of a television or computer, and lesser time outdoors. Even worse, instead of playing actual baseball or tennis outside, they can now play Wii (a game played by a handheld pointing device that detects motion) Sports. 47% of the kids do not participate in after-school sports or lessons anymore, and currently only 25% or less are involved in daily physical activities.

Not only kids, but adults also have high obesity rates. Currently, no states in America have an obesity rate of under 10%, and eight states exceed 25%. Average adults only need about 2,000 calories to survive, but that is hardly a possible number to achieve. Foods that are not fattening are probably fruits and vegetables, but now that these foods have become more expensive, people rely on the unhealthier choices.

If a child’s parents are fat, that is not the reason why the child is fat. It is because of eating habits that the child inherits from the parents. Most of the obese kids included in the 32% are probably due to the parent’s bad eating habits. These children who turn out obese do not have a choice because they do not know how to make better choices at young ages. Parents need to be more cautious of their children’s diets, otherwise, they will end up getting diabetes or some kind of heart disease when they grow older, and they will not thank you for it.

Life is convenient and everything is so easy that people barely have to move. But it ends up making them not so happy. Eat food that will make the body healthy and beautiful, not fat and diseased.


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This article was written by Charlene Choo. It was published in the Temple City Voice on July 2, 2008.


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