Gillanders Revives Moratorium Talks

Approximately one month after an emergency moratorium on all Temple City businesses failed to pass, Councilman Ken Gillanders revived the issue again at the March 18, 2008 City Council meeting.

There were two items on the March 18 City Council agenda devoted to the issue of countering the economic decline in Temple City: Gillanders’ request for reconsideration of a proposed moratorium and Mayor Cathé Wilson’s proposal to adopt a zoning code amendment to only allow sales-tax producing businesses in areas zoned for commercial use.

A moratorium was raised in February 2008 to block any non-retail businesses from moving into Temple City. Had a moratorium been enacted, all incoming businesses to Temple City must show proof that 50% of its activities generated sales tax.

City Manager Charles R. Martin informed Councilmembers and Temple City residents of the decline in sales tax revenue generated by Temple City businesses. Because the City of Temple City depends heavily on sales tax to fund the city government, Martin warned the City needed to find a solution; otherwise, a utility tax may become necessary to maintain government services.

Under a revised form of the emergency ordinance presented at the March 18th City Council meeting, only businesses on Las Tunas Drive between Rowland Avenue and Sultana Avenue would be affected by the moratorium.

Because of the nature of the urgency ordinance, a supermajority was required to approve the measure. A supermajority requires four out of five Council votes.

Councilman Fernando Vizcarra, who opposed the moratorium at the February 19th Council meeting, stated the moratorium did not have enough detail of what it would do. He questioned the how it would address the “warehousing” issue on Las Tunas.

Councilmembers, on March 18, ultimately decided to postpone further discussion and consideration until there was a full Council present. Mayor Cathé Wilson was absent from the City Council meeting.


This article was written by Randy Shun. It was published in the Temple City Voice on July 2, 2008.


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