Pottery Show Molded Into Perfection

The Temple City High School’s Beginning and Advanced Ceramics classes hosted a pottery sale from Monday, June 2nd to Wednesday, June 11th outside Room 310. On display were a variety of creations including: jugs, bowls, plates, and even ceramic sashimi, all molded by students themselves.

According to Ms. Mihee Kim, the Ceramics instructor, the students were so dedicated that many of them stayed during lunch period and after school to perfect their pieces.

The results were astonishing. Although all pieces were made from the same mash of brown clay and jugs of glaze, no two pieces were identical. Royal blues and deep sea greens melted together to bring into being several subtle, distinctive hues. Some edges were jagged, cut with a potato-peeler, while others were rough and bumpy, made from the scraps that had fallen from shaping the very object.

It did not take too long to realize that each work was telling its own story, and what appeared to be beautifully arranged potteries on the surface, was actually a collection of tales of inspiration and determination.

“It’s really fascinating as you start with just a lump of clay and after much hard work you mold it into a beautiful piece of art,” remarked Ms. Kim.


This article was written by Sophia Chang. It was published in the Temple City Voice on June 25, 2008.


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