Annual Dragonflicks’ Film Festival Debuted

A red carpet is laid down the center aisle. Strolling down the red carpet are ladies dressed in dazzling satin dresses and gentlemen in dashing tuxedos. The show commences and the crowd bustles in with anticipation as the host prepare to call the next winner onstage. This scene is not from the Academy Awards, but the Dragonflicks Film Festival, which took placed in Room 601 of Temple City High School on May 6, 2008.

Several fake nominations were shown in order to make the “Academy Awards” theme more realistic. Many of these fake nominations were so hilarious that several audience members demanded they be made into actual films. The nomination which received the most requests for official production was a Spanish soap opera, starring Michelle Sparnicht, Christian Goin, and Greg Morgan.

The Best Comedy award was given to Brian Hsu’s “Take Off Shoose”.

A short film adaption of Robert Frost’s “Road Not Taken” triumphed over two acclaimed fake nominations, “Spanish Soap Opera” and “Cancer Boy” for Best Drama.

Isabel Yao, another Temple City High School student, won the title of Best Actress, for her role as a girl with random spasms in “Speed Dating”.

The Best Foreign Film was an advertisement for a portable translating device.

“Echo Mountain” was a documentary of a hike up to the ruins, which were rumored to be haunted.

The “MisFORTUNE”, a winner in the Xanadu Film Festival, claimed the title of Best Short Film.

“Contained”, a twenty-minute short film, premiered at the Dragonflicks annual film festival. Directed and written by Brian Hsu, “Contained” tells the story of a boy diagnosed with a rare disease; any one of his five senses is prone to shut down at any moment. Consequently, the boy is confined to his room. When the girl he loves stops visiting him, the boy becomes restless and leaves his house in search of her. The poignant film was made brilliantly and the cliffhanger ending left the audience at the edge of their seats.

The night conclude with a few closing statements from the Dragonflicks film crew. Dragonflicks members usually support shows from behind the scenes, setting up and moving the set pieces, but on May 6, the crew took the stage.

Dragonflicks, a Temple City High School organization, is led by Mike Kidd.


This article was written by Sophia Chang. It was published in the Temple City Voice on June 18, 2008.


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