Choreo Team Dances the Night Away in “Carnival” Showcase

This year’s Temple City High School Choreography Showcase was titled “Carnival” and was held on June 3, 2008. The show consisted of many very colorful lighting, displays, and music. Each dance expressed different genres of music.

Each member of Choreography had the chance to choreograph routines for themselves and their groups. As a surprise for the people who arrived on time, the dancers surrounded the around the room and swirled streamers to get the crowd going.

The Bamboo Banga was the first performance of the night. Dancers were in eye popping costumes and makeup that engaged the audience. The music was very exotic and was nothing like the genre of music that is constantly played on the radio.

The captain, Senior Jennifer Tse and co-captains Seniors Alyssa Ng and Xuan Feng, performed their solos. Tse danced to “Almost Lover”; Ng danced to “Belief”; Feng danced to “Make Me Whole”. All three used difficult techniques acquired through training and practice every day. Temple City High School’s Pep Flags and Cheer performed in the showcase as well.

A few of the dances were choreographed by Michael Tyus and Daniel Huynh, both former Choreography team members. Certainly, all the performers spent long hours perfecting each move and strenuous practices that lead to the opening of the Carnival. All their efforts put into the showcase made it one of kind.

The show manager, Hannah Wang, and executive producer Marcy Stewart, receive credit along with the directors, producers, choreographers, costume designers, and house managers for putting the show together.

Overall, the showcase displayed the Choreo team’s theme exceptionally well. Each dancer was able to show his and her common passion for dance, and also was able to entertain the audience while doing so.


This article was written by Jackie Zhang. It was published in the Temple City Voice on June 11, 2008.


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