Board Considers Qualifications for Construction Contractors

During the May 14th meeting, the Board discussed the issue of adopting a procedure from which they may prequalify contractors that wish to assume the task of renovating the high school. It requires a board resolution in order to proceed with reviewing candidates.

The Board reviews the standards it holds for contractors bidding to undertake repairs and renovations to Temple City schools. Not just any contractor can partake in the bidding however. Linda Sweaney, who will perform the review, says, “A quarter of contractors have been disqualified because they didn’t have the license for the bidding.”

Contractors must already have special licenses and be specially approved in order to handle public works. The bidding is to be restricted to A-rated contractors; in the past when the school used B- and C-Rated contractors, the results were unsatisfactory and additional repairs was still needed for the project.

The Board is considering future renovation projects for the Temple City High School that would amount to $7 to $10 million dollars. Some contractors who wish to work on these projects may not be financially suited for the tasks. They may not have the tools or the access to the supplies that the project may demand. If such a contractor is considered for the assignment, the firm will run out of funds and the task will be left incomplete.

However this may not appear to be a wise decision considering the state of California’s school budget cuts. The Board acknowledges that the American economy is not as prosperous as it used to be. Undertaking a grade-A contractor to deal with future renovations would be extremely costly and would take away from rare funding.


This article was written by Martin Mao. It was published in the Temple City Voice on June 4, 2008.


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