Opinion: Miley Cyrus, Infected By Hollywood Virus

Fifteen-year old Miley Cyrus, Disney star of Hannah-Montana, is an idol to many young girls. But her “good” impression was virtually stained as she posed half-naked for the cover of June’s issue of Vanity Fair. I, along with many, fear that she may be on her way to becoming the next Britney Spears, negatively influencing innocent fans.

Cyrus has been on a successful route ever since her starring in Hannah Montana in 2006. She has had a brief appearance in High School Musical 2, released two multi-platinum records in her name, and has become a child star that can already make her own living. But now it is obvious Hollywood is getting to her, and there is no guarantee she will turn out better than any other child stars such as Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.

On the recent cover of Vanity Fair, Cyrus holds up a bed sheet against her half-naked-body. With her back and shoulders exposed, her hair wet and tangled, the photograph clearly sends out a sexual message to viewers, who cannot help but feel a little shocked at her young age. Being a fifteen-year-old girl, I feel a little disgusted at the fact that a girl my age is a sexual advertisement. When did it become okay for fifteen-year-olds to take half-naked pictures?

But what shocks me even more is that her parents were at the scene when she took the pictures. What type of parents would let their little girl take off her top and pose in front of a camera, let alone shoot for a cover of Vanity Fair? In fact, her dad was in another picture with her. In the photograph, Cyrus is spread across her dad’s lap in her black tank top and low-cut jeans. What could have been a father-daughter cute picture actually looked quite seductive to me, which sickened me even more.

Spears started exposing herself at the age of nineteen, and by the time she was twenty seven, she had gotten divorced twice and given birth to two children who she no longer has the right to raise. If Cyrus starts following in Spears’ path now, what will she be doing by the time she is actually grown up?

Even before the Vanity Fair photo shoot, there had been a stir with inappropriately exposed pictures of Cyrus on MySpace, a social networking website. In one of the pictures, she pulls down her white tank top to expose her bra, and in other pictures, she poses in her panties and shirts pulled up. Many of her fans were disgusted, but other comments said it was “normal” for teenagers to take such pictures.

Sadly though, this just proves that it is common for teenagers to take promiscuous pictures and post them online. Even though Cyrus is a star, there are no exceptions in her case; but one thing is for sure, she’s definitely not as innocent as Disney portrays. The truth is, teenagers are getting out of control because role models like Spears, Lohan, and now Cyrus make it seem “cool” to be living life as reputable bad girls.

Cyrus is the face of Disney, but her image is already becoming stained through the media. As a star that many girls look up to, Cyrus isn’t doing such a good job presenting herself appropriate or respectable, and instead, she makes it seem alright for young girls to be promiscuous and erratic.

As teenagers, we should know what is appropriate and what is not, and definitely, know not to follow paths of young stars influenced by Hollywood.


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This opinion was written by Charlene Choo. It was published in the Temple City Voice on May 14, 2008.


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