Superintendent Search Continues at Community Forum

Temple City gathered community input during a superintendent forum on April 29th from 5-7 P.M. to brainstorm guidelines in recruiting a new superintendent. The meeting that took place was necessary to hear some opinions of certain characteristics and qualities the parents and staff may want to see in the future superintendent. Of course, there will be big challenges and issues that the new superintendent may have to face.

The “traditional guideline” in hiring a superintendent puts into consideration qualities like having long-term plans for the future, overseeing human resources, keeping in contact with principals, reporting back to the Board, cooperating with youth programs, and has usually been a teacher or principal.

A member from the Temple City Schools Foundation suggested that Temple City find “someone who will be willing to help with schools, has strong communication skills, and is experienced with their resources.”

Based on the majority present, most of the community has agreed on one quality that the future superintendent should possess, which is having the children and students of Temple City as a top priority. They also agreed that each school should be allotted the same amount of money for funding or school supplies.

Another topic discussed was the technology for staff and students, which the attendees thought should be improved and the assessment programs should be encouraged. If the community doesn’t shape education and technology well for children today, it will be harder for them in the future.

There is an absolute need for communication among teachers, parents, and administrators so children will be able to perform better at school. Ultimately, a supportive and inspirational role model is needed for teachers, students, and parents; it will definitely help build leadership capacity and help the community.

This article was written by Jackie Zhang. It was published in the Temple City Voice on May 7, 2008.


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