Portantino Appears In Front of City Council

California Assemblymember Anthony Portantino, D-Temple City, addressed the City Council of Temple City in his first “State of the State” speech on December 18, 2007. Portantino, who represents Temple City in the California State Assembly, brought up several issues he has been working on at the state level.

One of his first bills was the creation of a bank of umbilical cord blood. Umbilical cords, which actually contain stem cells, are normally discarded after childbirth. By saving the cords, a new source of disease research has opened. Portantino’s bill, AB 34, has received bipartisan support and was signed into law by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“We’re 44th in the nation [in terms of spending on education],” said Portantino. He argued about the necessity of finding ways to “cover the 800,000 children [in California] without health insurance.”

The City Council and City Manager/City Attorney Charles Martin also posed several questions regarding the state’s financial crisis and its impact on Temple City. Portantino stated he would try to defend any State attempts to siphon money from the City of Temple City.

After Portantino’s address, the City Council informed the residents of Temple City that TCUSD Board Members Janet Rhee and Rachel LaSota had been selected to serve as liaisons from the District to the City.


This article was written by Jason Wu. It was published in the Temple City Voice on May 7, 2008.


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