Cathé Wilson Takes The Reins

With fourth time mayor Cathé Wilson taking the reins, Temple City is expected to flourish under her experience and vision.

Cathé Wilson, council member for sixteen years, replaced Judy Wong as mayor as part of an annual rotation cycle. As a Temple City resident for over forty years, Wilson is hoping to apply her experience, again, to better the city.

A decreased intake of sales tax revenue currently rankles the city. Wilson plans to utilize both efficient interaction with storeowners and a moratorium to mend the problem. “Various infrastructures need to be checked upon,” she stated, citing the need to personally examine the economic issues of the city.

But to her, Temple City is a quaint, peaceful “City of Change.” The residents unify under common beliefs, and general cordiality hangs in the air. “There is little crime and violence,” she states, “but just because Temple City is not Mayberry, it does not mean it is a truly wonderful city.” She praised the sheriff’s department for maintaining civil peace, while noting the residents truly listen to one another.

Among her various exploits, Wilson has established an exchange program with an Australian School and a city volunteer program. The sister-city program receives Australian high school students for a few weeks to experience the United States.

“We have to focus on our youth, for they’ll be here when we aren’t.” Schools are of utmost importance to Wilson; to her, children will create the positive change of tomorrow. In light of recent budget cuts, however, Wilson plans to work together with the school entity to prudently sort out funds and ensure frugality.

Temple City is not reminiscent of Monrovia or Alhambra. It is a “home town city”, with a great focus on youth and the residents. Even with its own batch of problems, to Cathé Wilson, the city is magnificent, and worth preserving and protecting.


This article was written by Randy Shun. It was published in the Temple City Voice on April 16, 2008.


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