Comedy Sportz Team Shines Against Arroyo and Alumni

Only a few weeks ago, Temple City High School’s Comedy Sportz team attended the GameCon in Hollywood, a convention where Comedy Sportz “actletes” learn new games, to hone their comedic talents.

On March 27th and 28th, the team showcased their improvisational abilities with victories over Arroyo High School and Temple City alumni in their second and third games of the year, respectively.

Comedy Sportz shows are repeatedly compared to the popular television show, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Throughout the show, two teams play out unscripted skits while receiving points based on their ability to entertain the crowd (much like its televised counterpart). The shows were officiated by referees Silvie Zamora and Bryan Green, who humorously regulated the games while explaining rules to the large audience.

The high school’s Thursday and Friday teams consisted of Candice Aparicio, Jacky Chan, Gabriel Jimenez, Jonna Smalldridge, and Sam Thorne; and Chad Armbrust, Evelyn Kessler, Jack Wang, and Isabel Yao. Both “Red Teams” were able to triumph over the “Blue Teams” of Arroyo and alumni alike with their outstanding wit.

The “Blind Lines” game was particularly a heat for the Red Team. In this game, the audience members were asked to shout out random lines, which were written on small scraps of paper and thrown over the stage. Then, the completely unsuspecting actletes enacted a skit while attempting to incorporate the audience’s lines. Needless to say, the crowd broke out into raucous laughter when Isabel Yao noted that “we sure are cute for two ugly people” in the context of the scene.

Many audience members marveled the performers’ impressive presence of mind on the stage. Team captain Chad Armbrust admitted that “in improvising, there’s no set script, so it adds that extra set of butterflies in your stomach”. Nonetheless, he is pleased to know that “that changes when you get up there, the crowd gets you into it, and you just need to have fun”.

The Comedy Sportz team will be at it again before the end of the school year, when they duel their teachers in another battle of humor and wit.


This article was written by Jason Wu. It was published in the Temple City Voice on April 16, 2008.


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