Club Profile: Red Cross Club Saves Lives

Red Cross Club has been active on and off campus with its many activities. Senior Annie Wang, president and founder of the Temple City chapter, gives us more insight about this club.

What does Red Cross Club do?

We offer various volunteer events and have socials for the Temple City Chapter, as well as with the Southern California high schools. The motto of Red Cross is “How to Save A Life,” and our events do just that. We train members professionally in first aid, CPR, oxygen administration, AED, emergency response, and blood pathogen training.

They take a two-day course that is about eighteen hours long and once they receive their license, the learning doesn’t end there. They can volunteer at first aid stations at California Philharmonic concerts, Rose Parade, animal shows, Diabetes Walk, rodeo shows, flea markets-the list goes on and on. They talk to the patients and are even allowed to treat them under the supervision of adult volunteers. That’s why members don’t have to worry about the CSL requirements; most tend to go beyond and some even have over 500 hours just from first aid stations.

What inspired you to start this club at Temple City High School?

I’ve heard from students at other nearby schools talk about their Red Clubs, since these clubs are nationwide in high schools and colleges. I thought, “Why doesn’t our school have one?” and contacted the San Gabriel Valley Pomona American Red Cross and started one. Plus, I am also planning on a medical career, so I decided to start one to help others with similar medical interests to expose them to this field before college.

What do you think students can learn from being in Red Cross Club?

The skills they gain from the training courses will definitely come in handy at unexpected times. You never know when someone could be drowning, choking, or having a heart attack next to you. Members learn how to respond to and deal with these situations.

Also, may improve their communication and social skills because we have social events at Red Cross Headquarters with other schools and adult volunteers to meet new people.

What activities have Red Cross Club done in the past?

• Breakfast with Santa at Applebee’s-every year, we host this event for people with mental and physical disabilities and low-income families. We talked to many children and adults and cheered them up with presents, raffle prizes, and free breakfast.
• Christmas and Thanksgiving Cards-Members made cards from various arts and crafts materials and assembled goodie bags for Arcadia Methodist Hospital patients. Not only is this for a good cause but members get to know each other in the process.
• Pasadena AIDS Walk-At night, members held candles as they walked for those afflicted with AIDS.
• First aid stations
• Measles Initiative-Members have been selling pins and asking for donations to fund measles vaccines for children in third-world countries.

Are there any upcoming events?

• National convention in Baltimore, Maryland-Fees for airfare, housing, and meals are covered by the American Red Cross
• Volunteering at retirement homes weekly
• Cefiore fundraiser
• Souplantation fundraiser
• Another social at Headquarters still in progress
• Social at Six Flags for Temple City Chapter
• Tryouts for potential cabinet members (at least one-year membership required)

What separates Red Cross from other clubs on campus, like Medical Society and the American Cancer Society?

We give members on-hands experiences in the medical field that otherwise would not be allowed. For example, most students would not be allowed to come into contact with the patient or treat them, but through Red Cross Club, that’s possible. We treat people with strokes, bleeding, choking, etc.

Obviously different than other organizations on campus, Red Cross Club continues to make a difference in the school and the community.


This article was written by Christine Keung. It was published in the Temple City Voice on April 2, 2008.


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