Goodbye, “Bye Bye Birdie”

The San Gabriel Mission Playhouse was packed with an animated crowd from March 14-16, eager to watch Temple City High’s newest production, a spectacular rendition of the classic Broadway musical “Bye Bye Birdie.” The combined efforts of the talented cast and crew made the show one bound to go down in history.

The cast were obviously chosen with extreme care, for the stage abounded in talent, whether it was in song, dance, or drama. The roles of the confident Spanish Rose Alvarez, played by Johanna Huang, and her momma’s boy fiancé, Albert Peterson, played by Aaron Kappe, successfully captured the tension between the two characters as they struggled to achieve their dreams while preventing their aged love from withering.

The perfect image of the smug Conrad Birdie was portrayed by Anthony Campos, who even mastered Birdie’s signature lower-body swiveling. The smaller roles were also played with the same amount of passion. Through their enthusiasm and flair, all of the actors were able to bring the stage to life.

The stunning scenery was not to be missed. Bright, delicately drawn props captured the varying ambience of every scene, from the warm, homey feel of Kim’s house to the cold desolation of the dumpsters. These props were moved on and off stage with perfect timing by the school’s very own Dragonflicks team, who organized the whole show from behind the scenes.

After two and a half hours, the show ended and enticed a standing ovation from the enthralled crowd. All in all, the show was one filled with poignant moments between reunited lovers, comedic references to the teenage way of thought, and plenty of high-pitched screams, both from the audience and on stage.


This article was written by Sophia Chang. It was published on March 26, 2008 in the Temple City Voice.


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