Temple City Finds New “Fresh Prince”

Similar to the pageant held in the search of Miss Temple City, “The Fresh Prince of Temple City” pageant was held on Thursday, February 28 by Temple City High School ASB and PEP seniors in search of the new Mr. TC.

The event was hosted by Senior Christina Chong and Senior Lauren French, both members of the ASB and Pep organizations. The judges of the event were Ms. Vickie Park, Mr. Scott Randles, Mr. David Schendel, and senior Pep and ASB girls.

Each of the twelve contestants had to perform a series of routines, such as, sportswear, swimwear, winner’s award, sleepwear, Carlton routine, talent, and finally a question and answer panel.

Slideshows featuring baby photos followed and finally the announcement of winners. Surprisingly, all three played some type of instrument for their talent. Max Goh nicknamed “the best friend” played the piano, Omar Alnabulsi “the prankster” played the keyboard, and Ben Hoague “the smart one” played the accordion.

As the night reached its climax, Max Goh was crowned “The Fresh Prince of Temple City” and the runner-ups were Omar Alnabulsi and Ben Hoague, who tied for second place.

After the winner was announced, all participants gathered together for a group hug. The judges and audience were utterly awed by each contestant’s pride and bravery to participate in the event.

Although Mr. TC is not as prestigious or as well known as the Miss Temple City Pageant, the pageant will serve some significance. During the upcoming Miss Temple City Pageant, Goh will escort the current Miss Temple City, Fei Yao, as she abdicates her position and crown to the new Miss TC.

All in all, the night was filled with laughter and rather embarrassing moments that will be remembered by the guests that luckily participated in the coronation of Mr. Temple City.


This article was written by Angie Yeh. It was published in the Temple City Voice on March 19, 2008.


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