Post-Super Tuesday: McCain Clinches Nomination, Democrats Remain Divided

Last Tuesday, California voters turned out in large numbers to vote in the special presidential primary election. The California state legislature had moved up the presidential primary to February 5 to make California a power player during the nominating process.

Democratic and Decline to State voters decided among New York Senator Hillary Clinton, Illinois Senator Barack Obama, and former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel. John Edwards, the 2004 Democratic vice-presidential nominee, bowed out of the race before the Super Tuesday primaries.

In Temple City, semi-final results show Hillary Clinton beat Barack Obama by a 2-1 margin. Clinton won 1957 votes to Obama’s 902 votes.

John McCain, the Arizona Senator, has emerged as the front-runner of the Republican field. McCain won decisive victories, including California, over former Governor Mitt Romney, Congressman Ron Paul, and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Romney suspended his campaign after winning a handful of states on February 5. *Note, Republicans held a closed primary.

Voters in Temple City also chose John McCain over Mitt Romney by a thin margin. Preliminary tallies show McCain with 830 votes, Romney with 738, and Mike Huckabee with 246 votes.

Temple City citizens also voted heavily against Propositions 91-94, but strongly in favor of the four Indian gaming referendums.
Full results will be published in next week’s issue of the Temple City Voice.


This article was written by Angie Yeh. It was published in the Temple City Voice on February 13, 2008.



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