Comedy Sportz Makes Season Debut

Temple City High School’s Comedy Sportz team showcased their comic talents as they improvised their way through hilarious 2-hour show on Friday, January 25.

“It’s competitive improv,” says referee Silvie Zamora. As referee, Zamora’s job was to serve as the game’s host while making sure that the competitors, or “actletes” as they are called, kept the show family-friendly.

The red team, which consisted of students Justin Chiapetta, Jonna Smalldridge, Samuel Thorne, and Isabel Yao, went head-to-head against the blue team of Candice Aparicio, Chad Armbrust, Jacky Chan, and Evelyn Kessler in an entertainingly ferocious duel of comedic wit.

Some of the night’s games included “Forward or Reverse”. In this particular match, one team was required to act out a scene requested by the audience. When Zamora blew her whistle, the actletes had to reenact all of their lines and movements backwards, then forward on the next cue, and then alternate back and forth, ad infinitum. Raucous laughter permeated through the room as the entertainers stumbled over forgotten lines.

At the end of the night’s show, the blue team narrowly prevailed by a score of 38 to 35. Nonetheless, it was obvious that no hard feelings were present in the friendly environment.

Blue team actlete, Evelyn Kessler, spoke kindly of the casual atmosphere when she noted that the night “reminded me of why I love Comedy Sportz. I just have fun and try not to worry about looking stupid.”

The show was only the first of many to come this season. Comedy Sportz’ next game has been scheduled to be held some time in late March. If you missed this show, there will be plenty more opportunities to experience comedic improvisation at its best.


This article was written by Jason Wu. It was published in the February 6, 2008 issue of the Temple City Voice.


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