TCHS Finds New Dean; Experience Another Change

Temple City High School has yet again experienced another change in its administration this year, with Christopher Sewell as the new dean at Temple City High School. For approximately a month now, Sewell has taken the place of former Dean Kevin Herrington, who was promoted to Assistant Principal in November.

Before starting at TCHS, Sewell worked in a number of educational related jobs. Sewell worked for the Non-Public School Liaison for Whittier Union High School District, was a former Dean of Education for Zinsmeyer/ Vista Ridge Academy, and an administrator for issues with student behavior in the Long Beach Unified School District.

With his expertise in dealing with students and his history in education, Sewell brings a new perspective to his job. Some of the responsibilities Sewell has as the new dean include student disciplines for grades ninth and eleventh, overlooking campus safety, attendance, discipline and intervention, and administering the CAHSEE (California High School Exit Examination).

Mr. Sewell is excited and hopeful about working at TCHS, saying, “Students have been very helpful, as well as the community and campus.” He says though the environment is different that where he has worked before, such as more students, a bigger campus, and more students to know, Mr. Sewell feels invigorated to be up to the challenge and eager to meet more people. Although it is difficult to come into the school year half over, Mr. Sewell feels that the community and the school has given him a warm welcome and has been very hospitable and helpful.

When asked about the recent acts of violence around Temple City and the impact of this on the High School, Mr Sewell is hopeful. He says we can prevent this by being “proactive and [having] the community work together with the school … to get on the right track.” He believes the most important thing is to have the campus be a safe, positive and productive learning environment. He says he will continue to stress community membership and responsibility and by doing so, “everybody works together, everybody is on the same page.”


This article was written by Connie Lu. It was published by the Temple City Voice on February 6, 2008.


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