Students’ Talents Shown In “Hollywood”

Students from elementary, middle, and high schools of Temple City danced the night away during this year’s dance concert on January 11th at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse from 7-9 p.m.

With “Hollywood” as the theme, each dance number featured choreography according to movies in the Hollywood industry. “Transformers” was a Hip Hop dance by TCHS’s Choreography small group. It showed how much music can represent its own unique characters and stories.

The high school’s Choreo group was not the only performance of the night. Another amazing performance was “Telephone Hour” by the Brighter Side Singers as an advertisement of their upcoming spring musical, “Bye Bye Birdie.”

Everyone was dressed in colorful costumes and expressed their souls in the musical. Without a doubt, third graders who were participants of “Good Ship Lollipop” made the audience “aw” every second of the dance.

“Showmanship and production elements” were crucial in portraying the different styles of each dance. The time and hard work put into each dance certainly impressed each and every person who watched the dance concert. Senior Choreo captain Jennifer Tse and Senior Co-Captains Alyssa Ng and Xuan Feng performed their solos through their own original ideas and choreography.

The ways the dancers moved and expressed their personalities when they came through on stage were eye catching. Friends and family were talking nonstop about the impeccable show. Even the next day at school, the staff was flattered by their students’ talents.

The student choreographers and dancers exhibited “memorable and inspirational art form within dancing.” Also, they allowed the audience plenty of insight to experience and enjoy the emotions of the performers.

Ultimately, the dancers displayed their talents in improvisation and their sensitivity to one another in their surroundings. As the last song sounded an end to this year’s dance concert, the audience walked away with awe and the mindset that their money was well spent because of the unique and creative talents that were shown during the concert.

Dance concert DVDs will be available for purchase at the high school in Room 311.


This article was written by Jackie Zhang. It was published in the Temple City Voice on January 30, 2008.


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