New Advancement Classes For TCHS Next Year

With the college system expanding ever so rapidly, students often find the need to engage in “recognizable” activities to further their transcripts. And, to aid them in their assistance, Temple City High School will aid them in their endeavor- with three new high-hitting classes.

World History, currently taught by Mary Basgall, Sally Sears, and Stacey Rudzik, focuses on international wars that have affected America.” However, a new AP World History class is expected to expand on the current curriculum.

“Aside from the AP credit,” says sophomore Tiffany Chen,” I believe that the class will enhance my understanding of American history by relating to the plights of other countries. I think the class will focus on more than wars America was involved in.”

Principal Mary Jo Fosselman-King states some sort of screening process will be applied before students are accepted into the class.
Temple City High School hopes to develop its Chinese language course by adding a successive Chinese 2. Upon completion of Chinese 1, students will automatically transfer to the secondary course.

Susan Zheng states the class will benefit students of all demographics: “There are many advantages to learning Mandarin, especially for careers. China has a fast growing economy, so in order for the U.S. to keep up, Americans must learn to speak Chinese to communicate and do business. Also, the class provides a chance for non-fluent Asian students to learn their language.”

She believes the course helps teenagers grasp and enhance their knowledge of Chinese culture. The Chinese course initially was met with opposition. The French and German classes, which were suffering from low attendance levels, believed a Chinese course would offset potential students. Results are still unavailable.

An environmental science course is expected to be implemented. Instead of taking the AP Environmental Science course, students may choose to partake in a simplified version of the science.

A decision to implement the class will take place on January 23rd.


This article was written by Randy Shun. It was published in the Temple City Voice on January 23, 2008.


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