SWOT Survey Results Released

The Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) survey results have been released, after the SWOT subcommittee had the chance to analyze the results. In total, 146 responses were acquired out of 1700 distributed copies of the SWOT survey.

The survey was distributed from August 10 through September 24, 2007. The outcome of the SWOT survey noted that many refused to participate because of a concern “that nothing ever changes in Temple City and that nobody would pay attention to their input.”

Despite the limited number of responses, at the October 9 meeting, Planning Commissioner Carl Blum felt “it was significant that 146 people filled out these surveys.”

The top strengths cited in the survey results were great events (85%), good parks (65%), and a small town feel or a great place to live (43%). Other strengths included acceptable safety, free newspapers in town, good schools, friendly residents, and good sheriffs.

“I love that Temple City is a small town and I just want to see it maintain that small town charm while incorporating the businesses it desperately needs to keep from becoming a ghost town” stated an anonymous commenter in the report.

The top weaknesses stated in the survey were no shopping interest (67%), lack of variety of restaurants (58%), and too many wedding shops (49%). Other weaknesses included too many families living in one home, too many big houses, too many multi-unit zones, outdated stores, too many Asian restaurants, and poor communication between the city and its residents.

A fewer number, but significant opportunities were listed. It included more chain restaurants/department stores (40%), more Piazza like projects (19%), and the recapturing of a small town feeling (18%). Additional opportunities included a movie theater, theme for the city, community events, additional parks, and a desire for more teenage and youth venues.

Top threats included business competition from other surrounding cities (55%), aging city-look and infrastructure (25%), and Asian signage-like a foreign country (25%). Other threats include a lack of confidence in the city council in addressing the issues facing the city, lack of sales tax generating stores, unwelcome feeling in Asian businesses and restaurants, gangs, and increase/unsafe traffic around schools.

The SWOT survey consisted of four pages and was distributed in over fifty locations in Temple City. In addition surveys were handed out during the summer “Concerts in the Park” and noted in various newspapers.

Of the 146 people who completed the survey, fifty-two were male and ninety-four were female. The majority of those who filled the surveys were senior citizens.

The SWOT surveys’ analysis will be given to the three task force committees and ultimately be used to aid in the process of updating of the General Plan.


This article was written by Matthew Wong. It was published in the January 16, 2008 issue of the Temple City Voice.


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