Shortage of Water Merely Impacts Temple City

Despite the amount of rain received last week, a lack of rain in the Los Angeles region is causing water shortage problems for many communities in Southern California.

Areas throughout the San Gabriel Valley have undergone tremendous water shortages. Although Temple City may not feel as impacted by the drought as the rest of Southern California, it is only time that is keeping us from experiencing a water ration.

In November, the city of Los Angeles announced the revival of the Drought Busters program, which was last used during the severe drought of the early 1990s. The city of Long Beach has already imposed drought prevention measures, mandating that residents limit their use of water.

Although water is not considered as limited a resource as crude oil, the quantity of usable water on earth has slowly been reduced. If rain continues to be sparse in our local region, grave rationing laws will be instituted by authorities.

Residents of Temple City can help to address the problem themselves, by using less water.

One idea is to take shorter showers and install low-flow shower heads which deliver 1.25 gallons of water a minute instead of the standard 3.2 gallons a minute. Water usage can also be reduced by hand-watering the lawn instead of relying on sprinkler heads that shoot off unto sidewalk.

For more information on ways to reduce water, check out this website

This article was written by Martin Mao. It was published in the Temple City Voice on January 16, 2008.


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