Temple City High School Hit By New Administrative Changes Again

Since the beginning of the new school year, new faces have sat behind the desks of old ones. After Ray Plutko’s unexpected retirement in June, Mary Jo Fosselman-King was promoted and took his place as the new principal of Temple City High School.

Kevin Herington and Kyle Douglas were also new additions to the high school this year, filling the two dean positions left by Sam Oramas and Mike Mooney.

Also, Michelle David was recently hired as the new assistant principal for the high school. David only served a short term at the high school and resigned due to personal reasons.

Dr. Kate Franceschini, the former Rampage, TCHS’s newspaper, advisor, was hired as the assistant principal, after King’s promotion to principal created a new vacancy within the administration. Franceschini officially joined the administration on October 29.

To fill the vacancy left by David, Kevin Herington was promoted from dean to assistant principal, joining Dr. Kate Franceschini. The new dean to replace Herington has not been approved by the board yet. However, his name will be forwarded for approval at the December 12th Board of Education meeting.

“I am very excited about our new administration – all have different strengths, lots of new ideas – and we get along great, which contributes to our administration as we work as a team,” responded King.

King elaborates, “We are very supportive of each other as we are all learning new things, and we are all looking forward to having a full team so that we can start to work more thoroughly on our specific job responsibilities and not have to do the work of two or three other people anymore.”

The administrative turnovers began early in April 2007, when Lawton Gray, formerly assistant principal of Temple City High School was promoted to principal of Oak Ave Intermediate School by the Temple City Unified School District.

After failing to obtain the vacant assistant principal position, both Mooney and Oramas both announced their resignations shortly. The District then appointed Herington to fill Mooney’s vacant position.

The vacancies continued to plague the district when former principal Ray Plutko announced his retirement in June. That sparked three vacancies: principal, assistant principal, and dean. However, District officials quickly found replacements, Kyle Douglas as dean, and Michelle June David as assistant principal.

The District has yet to respond to a call regarding the administrative turnovers at the high school.


This article was written by Angie Yeh. It was published in the Temple City Voice on December 5, 2007.


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