Students’ Talents Showcase on Stage

Temple City High School has finally found their most talented people! With a line of great acts, each one after the other, the talent show was a success filled with talented student performers.

At the end of the night, there were two winners who had tied in first place, Senior Ben Hogue and Sophomore JJ Bassette. Ben Hogue played “On Green Dolphin Street” on the accordion, while JJ Bassette played an arrangement called “Ipod in a Blender” on the piano.

Most of the participants sang their hearts out for their audience. Some of the songs performed included “Everywhere”, “Wild Horses”, “Man! I Feel Like a Woman”, “Breathe”, and “Beautiful Disaster.”

Two energetic group performers were “Kufuffins” and “Lightening Thunders.” Others like “Baller Chicks” took action by performing some basketball tricks while tying in some Hip Hop moves into their choreography.

One of the most complicated and mysterious was “Dancing with Death”. Makoto Halverson was able to slow down someone’s pulse by using what he had learned during the last four months of his training; it was utterly amazing! Of course, all of the participants were very talented and each deserving of awards.

Ultimately, each person who performed worked very hard, which was clearly shown in the talent show that night. It’s surprising when you find out that one of your classmates had that singer’s voice you never knew of. Maybe the next day, you find yourself sitting next to the person who performed that night and suddenly become best friends. It’s a small world after all, but everyone has his or her own talent.

Dragonflicks helped coordinate the unforgettable night that was filled with various types of singing, playing, and dancing. For people were not able to attend or don’t want to forget the event, there are DVDs available for $8.

This article was written by Jackie Zhang. It was published in the December 5, 2007 issue of the Temple City Voice.


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