No Bond Measure for February 2008

The Temple City Board of Education voted 2-2 against placing the bond measure on the February 2008 ballot on November 7, 2007. Because of the tie, the Board could not place the bond measure on time for the February 2008 ballot. The deadline was November 7, 2007.

Concerns about the bond measure grew significantly during the School Board campaign season despite receiving positive marks when the District hired a company to conduct a poll earlier in the year.

Earlier in the summer, the Board hired George K. Baum & Company to perform a telephone survey among 400 voters, including property renters in Temple City, to determine if and how much voters were willing to support the General Obligation bond. The results were then published which showed those surveyed were overwhelming in favor of the bond.

At the October 24th Board of Education meeting, Chief Business Official David Jaynes reported that the bond will have an assessed rate of $55.5 million. Voters would need to vote 2/3 in favor of the bond for it to pass.

The focus of the bond money will be on Oak Avenue Intermediate School and Temple City High School.

On Wednesday, November 7, Board members Matt Smith and outgoing Board member Robert McKendrick emphasized that “this is the time.”

TCUSD Board of Education Vice-President Joe Walker disagreed. Walker “does not see support from the community” and Board member Emilie Cales agreed, saying “the community is not ready at this point.” Both voted against placing the bond measure in February.

The bond measure can still be placed on the June 2008 state primary ballot, should the Board vote to place it on the ballot.

Prior to the voting on the bond measure, there was a special presentation on October High, a mock drug and substance abuse trial and arrest provided by the staff of Oak Avenue and members of Dragonflicks.

Lawton Gray, principal of Oak Avenue, said, “If it reaches one student, it is a success.”


This article was written by Connie Lu. It was published in the November 14, 2007 issue of the Temple City Voice.


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