State To Hand Over Control Of Rosemead Boulevard

Temple City will finally maintain control of the coveted state highway, Rosemead Boulevard. Come January 1, 2008, Rosemead Boulevard, also known as California Highway 19, will officially become part of Temple City.

Earlier this year, State Senator Jack Scott authored SB 910. SB 910 relinquishes state control of the highway to Temple City. Scott and Assemblymember Anthony Portantino carried the bill through various legislatives committees in Sacramento. The governor then signed the bill into law.

“With the City acquiring Rosemead Blvd. from the State of California, all local ordinances (parking, right-of-way encroachments, etc.) will now be enforceable” stated Temple City Public Safety Officer Bryan Ariizumi.

Beginning in January 2008, residents who live on Rosemead Boulevard will need a valid overnight parking permit in order to park between the hours of 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. The annual cost of a permit is $46. Residents may also purchase a temporary parking permit for $1 a night.

“If a vehicle is parked on a City street without displaying a valid overnight parking permit, a citation may be issued,” added Public Safety Officer Ariizumi. The fine for the citation is a minimum of $32.

Under the deal with the State, Temple City is expected to spend $5 million in improvements of Rosemead Boulevard. City staff have estimated a cost closer to $1 million.

For those worried about the added workload for the City’s enforcement officers, Public Safety Officer Ariizumi commented that “there will not be a need for additional staffing for the enforcement efforts on Rosemead Blvd.”

For more information about the acquisition of Rosemead Boulevard or about parking on Rosemead Boulevard, please contact Bryan Ariizumi at 626-285-2171.

This article was written by Matthew Wong. It was published in the special November 14, 2007 issue of the Temple City Voice.


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