Harvest Hoedown, Melodiously Crafty

Brightly covered tents were set up all around Temple City Park on October 27th, 2007 for the city’s annual Harvest Hoedown.

Although the event started off with a morning drizzle, the rain wasn’t able to dampen the spirits of Harvest Hoedown’s many entertainers. The Temple City High School Band performed several numbers followed by the auxiliaries who did a couple dance routines.

The brightly attired Brighterside singers sang a few hits including “Wicked” numbers and danced energetically. The women’s choir, concert choir, and elementary choir also participated in the show. The lively music brightened up the atmosphere and took everyone’s focus off the weather.

A myriad of booths were set up around the park selling a hodgepodge of items. From fragrant wreaths to glittery shawls, beaded bags to delicate ornaments, every object shared a common aspect-they were all lovingly handmade.

Every festive sign was meticulously painted by its vendor and each pair of snuggly pajama bottoms were made with care. Ceramic candle holders, wooden toys, and other crafts displayed the artistic talents of many Temple City residents. There were even tents where goers could get a caricature of themselves drawn or have their names artfully written by font artists.

The Harvest Hoedown also reflected the spirit of the Temple City community. Miss Temple City, Fei Yao, and her Honor court, Princess Alexandra Aguirre and Princess Katherine Tompkin were also present. They helped sell raffle tickets, took pictures, and mingled with the crowd. The Temple City High School Key Club volunteered at the many booths. They helped children with crafts and supervised the Bounce House.

Delicious smells wafted from the playground area as several Temple City associations set up the food booths. Kiwanis sold corndogs, popcorn, and iced tea. The Drill Team sold corn-on-the-cob, snow cones, and cotton candy. The Harvest Hoedown was a great way for a community to get together and show off its various talents.


This article was written by Christine Keung. It was published in the Temple City Voice on November 10, 2007.


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