Running Amuck The Run-A-Mutt

Dogs and humans alike gathered together early Saturday morning on October 13th at 8 a.m. in front of Temple City Library to participate in the first ever Run-A-Mutt.

Hosted by the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society and the Temple City Parks and Recreation Department, the event handed out shirts to participants and bandannas to their dogs. Each walker had a choice between either walking a mile or walking three miles around Temple City Town Center which began at 9:00 a.m. sharp.

Although the Temple City Park restricts the presence of dogs on its property, this was an exception-with hundreds of dogs waiting to be walked. Water bowls were placed on the mile walk for dogs before the walk began. Posters and signs directed participants to the path of the mile walk, and wound them back to the Temple City Park once again.

Many vendors were also present at the Run-A-Mutt and exhibits included pet adoptions which the puppies available for adoption paid the festivities a visit. Afterwards, participants were encouraged to stay and participate in the afternoon events which included contests, raffles, and much more.

Similar to the pet talent shows people watch on television, this event put on a “Doggy Talent Show” and even NBC came and filmed. Various games as well as contests were held for the dogs and a performance by Muttley Crew’s Musical Dog Show, a spectacular Doggie Olympics featuring a fun agility competition, high-flying Frisbee dogs and darling dancing dogs, came after the fun.

Clearly a success for its first annual dog walk, Run-A-Mutt will certainly be back next year for more exciting and fun for families and dogs of all ages.


This article was written by Angie Yeh. It was published in the Temple City Voice on November 7, 2007.


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