Candidates Tag Endorsements To Their Campaigns

As the November School Board election draws near, many unions and distinguished officials have reflected their support of the candidates through endorsements.

Beverly Jones, former Temple City Unified School District Superintendent of Personnel, expressed her approval of incumbent Board member Robert McKendrick. Having worked with McKendrick on the Board in prior years, she thinks he is the kind of person needed on the School Board.

“I had many opportunities to observe and work with Board members,” stated Jones, “He has two qualities that are essential – intelligence and integrity.”

Joan Vizcarra, a former School Board member and candidate, has secured the endorsements of State Senator Gloria Romero and State Senator Jack Scott. Scott, who represents Temple City in the State Senate, chairs the Senate Education committee. Romero is the Senate Majority leader; she also sits on the Senate Education committee.

Former Councilmember Dan Arrighi has the endorsement of Temple City’s representative to the State Assembly, Assemblymember Anthony Portantino. Portantino, elected in 2006, chairs the Assembly Education committee. Arrighi also won the endorsements of Councilmembers Dave Capra and Fernando Vizcarra.

Rachel LaSota, a governing Board member of the California Association of Regulatory Inspectors and Investigators, has the support of the law enforcement association. LaSota, and fellow candidates Janet Rhee and Robert Ridley also obtained the endorsements from the Temple City teachers’ union.

Citizens living with the Temple City Unified School District will cast ballots on November 6, 2007 for three candidates running for the School Board. There are six candidates running with three seats available.


This article was written by Charlene Choo. It was published in the Temple City Voice on October 31, 2007.


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