Ridley Ready To Take On School Board

With a strong financial background and an intense understanding of issues, Robert (Bob) Ridley is one of the six candidates running for a seat on Temple City Unified School District School Board.

Ridley was raised in Riverside, California and is UCLA graduate with a degree in Economics. He has an abundance of experience in finance, such as being a municipal treasurer for a large company, public accounting work, and has done finance and accounting work for four cities: Culver City, El Segundo, Pico Rivera, and Pasadena. He has been Pico Rivera’s Director of Finance and City Treasurer, and currently is the City of Pasadena’s Controller.

Actively involved in the community, Ridley has resided in the community for over twenty years, a PTA member since 1995, and a Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade member for eighteen years and counting. His two children also attend schools within the district.

With strong leadership and communication skills, Ridley believes these qualities he possesses are needed on the School Board. He understands that there must be unity within the community, as well as a curiosity to listen and understand issues that concern Temple City. “There’s not enough input from the stakeholders,” said Ridley. “There must be a lot of listening; from the site, staff, teachers, community, residents who must be willing to listen.”

If elected, Ridley would enroll in California School B, a Masters degree in governance program that trains new School Board members. He believes that he must continue to expand himself to learn more and build upon the foundation of his financial expertise. “There must be a transparency with the Board [and the community] – no hidden agendas,” Ridley emphasizes. “The ability of the Board to foster relationship with teachers, students, staff… we can do a better job.”

“We must spend the money prudent and carefully,” explained Ridley in terms of the bond issue. “How are we to stretch the money? [We must spend the money in] the best interest to tax payers.”

Having had twenty-five years of experience dealing with money, Ridley believes he can handle the challenges of a School Board member effectively. He also supports Janet Rhee and Rachel LaSota, two fellow candidates who are also running for spots on the School Board.


This article was written by Connie Lu. It was published in the October 17, 2007 issue of the Temple City Voice.


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