Annual Back-to-School-Night Back at TCHS

Many parents came to the Temple City High School campus on September 25th with hopes of meeting the teachers who were educating their children this 2007-2008 school year. A fair amount of students also entered campus that night to better understand their teachers’ viewpoints.

It was a full moon night that lasted from 6:30 pm to 8:45 pm; the night began with introductions from the school staff. The agenda for this event consisted of seven ten-minute long classes with five minute breaks for individuals to head towards the next class.

Teachers holding conferences usually began with introducing themselves and listed their qualifications as an instructor. Advanced Placement Literature and Composition teacher, Mr. Ryan Hoague, commenced with providing parents his contact information before sharing his joy of reading and writing suggestions on students’ essays. “Writing is something that develops over your whole life,” explains Hoague, “There is no magic wand.”

Mr. Kevin Bacon teaches Algebra I and is one of Temple City’s baseball coaches. He feels as if back-to-school night is an excellent method for parents to understand the coursework of their child. “I want [the student] to be in the loop everyday,” states Bacon, ” I don’t want a parent to say to me ‘I don’t even know.'”

Although the focus of the night was developing parent-teacher relations, many other organizations decided to set up stands on school grounds. The Parent-Teacher Association held a bake sale in front of Room 311 with the Senior Service members managing it. The Temple City library staff advertised its book club near the high school library; the staff desires to continue doing this in an upcoming Temple City High School event.

The purpose of back-to-school night was for parents and guardians to have means of contacting their child’s educators. As a result, parents no longer see a blank face when the child mentions that a certain teacher gave him or her a bad grade.


This article was written by Martin Mao. It was published in the Temple City Voice on October 10, 2007.


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