Pre-programmed Calls And Online Videos May Hit Temple City

During one of the bi-weekly board of education meetings, the possible fundings for the Teleparent program and web casting system were being discussed on Wednesday September 12, 2007.

The Teleparent is an online administration based program designed to make communicating easier between schools and parents. There are different modules that comply with the needs of the user, where teachers, parents, and the administration each have their own versions.

Schools using this system will have students’ names already inputted before their use. Automatically calling students’ homes, the Teleparent system informs parents of their children’s school reports and news.

Teachers can easily send positive or negative reviews of students on the program over the internet or by the phone to parents. Librarians can also call if a book is overdue, and the administration office can inform the students and parents about standardized testing, before the test is given.

With a built in language system, this system translates into different languages. Although the uses of this system are mainly through web access, calls for emergency purposes do not need to be made through the web, but can be directly dialed.

Web casting is basically live video over the internet that will broadcast events from Temple City schools that people may have missed. Web casting can be used for sporting events, performing arts programs, board meetings, and more.

There are two alternative solutions to operating the web casting system. One program is called the IES Cyber School and it is the current website solution. A benefit to using the IES Cyber School is its 50 GB of content and also it’s a program not on our current server.

However, some costs of using the IES Cyber School are its estimated price of 13,884 dollars, which includes the funding for hardware, set-up, and equipment. Also, it cannot provide live video streaming.

The other alternative is called Granius. Not on our current server also, the Granius program allows online downloading with premium quality and holds 50 hours of videos. Greater in expense than the Cyber School, Granius has an estimated price of $30,334. Also, the bandwidth limitations prevent the web casting from becoming a reality. Funding and lack of man power is also another problem.

Both programs are still under consideration and have not been confirmed as definite ongoing programs.


This article was written by Jerry Lu. It was published in the Temple City Voice on October 3, 2007.


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