Former Mayor Arrighi Runs For School Board

Former city council member and former Mayor of Temple City, Dan Arrighi is seeking to occupy one of the three seats of the School Board in November 6, 2007 election. Although Arrighi lost his incumbent position as a city council member through a historic coin toss in March, he has since decided to run for the School Board.

Living under German and Brazilian cultures, Arrighi holds many experiences in the field concerning the city of Temple City. As a 21-year resident of Temple City, Arrighi was once a city council member and previously the Assistant General Chairman for the Camellia Festival, an annual festival in Temple City.

Currently the water resource manager for the San Gabriel Valley, Arrighi understands the needs and responsibilities behind the role of a school board member. Also, he not only carries the knowledge it requires to assume a position on the School Board, but he has also sat on many boards throughout his time as a resident of Temple City.

Bringing a lot of different experiences to the board, Arrighi plans to make Temple City better than it is now. Stating one of his goals if elected, Arrighi explains, “I hope to pass the bond issue to repair existing facilities.”

Arrighi’s best qualities separate him from his fellow candidates. However, he is not one who will act on impulse; instead, he is a candidate who delegates and will inquire opinions from his collaborators.

“I am a good listener,” states Arrighi when asked about one of his best qualities. “Before I make decisions, I always ask for input from other entities.”

Contributing different qualities, Arrighi may stand out from his opponents but he also shares similar opinions and agendas with his fellow candidates.

“[A candidate] should give their full attention, and give it their best shot,” declares Arrighi. “If someone is going to be elected, they are going to have to make things better. I want to make things better for the teachers, students, staff, and the community.”

This article was written by Margaret Thi. It was published in the September 26, 2007 issue of the Temple City Voice.


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