City Ends Another Summer Of “Concerts in the Park”

Every Wednesday the sounds from “Concerts in the Park” echo music throughout the Temple City Park around 7 p.m. However on August 29th this year, the Temple City community held its second to the last concert of the year. The night was filled with cheer from over six hundred spectators enjoying the show and supporting the band, The Answer that performed that festive night.

The Answer is a band primarily based in the Glendale-Claremont region that will continue to perform live throughout California in the month of September. The group played hit songs from the era of classical rock; a song they played that night was “Brick House,” as made famous by The Commodores. Additional details about the band can be found on their website

The “Concerts in the Park” first debuted in the 1980s. Approximately ten years ago, bands would play in front of City Hall; now bands perform in the gazebo. This event also used to last 5-6 weeks and now lasts 12-13 weeks long.

The “Concerts in the Park” has been successful in previous years primarily because the city has made great effort to host it each year. Cathy Burroughs, Director of Parks and Recreation, said “…the city does pay about $1500 a week for the bands.”

Numerous organizations can be seen with stands in the park during the event. The local Boy Scouts team offered snow cones to the concert attendants while the Temple City Sister Cities sold popcorn and soda.

A new program known as “Shape Up Temple City” had created their stand at the entrance to the concert. Founded by Monica Huynh, its goal is to “promote fitness and nutrition throughout the community.” Members plan to visit Temple City schools throughout the year.

“Shape Up Temple City” had cookbooks filled with healthful recipes for sale. The cookbooks can be purchased for $5 dollars each. The proceeds from the sales go back into the program.

Each year the Concerts in the Park attract an increasing number of people. The number of guests that attend each concert went up from eight hundred last year to nine hundred this year. During some Wednesday concerts, the crowd reached around one thousand to two thousand in attendance.

In the event of next years’ series of concerts, Cathy Burroughs has considered a dance floor near the gazebo and a change of themes for the concerts.

So ends another successful summer of “Concerts in the Parks.”

This article was written by Martin Mao. It was published in the Temple City Voice on September 19, 2007.


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